November 2015

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Points of Interest Scavenger Hunt
Sunday, November 8th
East Parking Lot / War Memorial Stadium

The Points of Interest - Scavenger Hunt looks to be a fun and interesting way to spend a little Miata time the afternoon of Sunday, November 8. This will be a fun event to attend with lots of chances to win $$ !!

3 Scavenger winners 
Grand Scavenger will win $50.00
Second place pays $25.00
And best poker hand (all natural) wins $25.00.

Complete rules will be provided at the start/drivers meeting, but basically, how we will play the game is:
JR and I have made game packets for each Scavenger team (you can play alone, but would be best if you played as a team) - each team consisting of driver and passenger.  You may use any electronic mapping / location device you wish to locate the Point of Interest, Siri, Garmin, city map, phone book.  You may NOT contact other players to ask questions (you  may contact JR at 501-416-7787 or Debbie at 501-416-3850 for points of clarification).  
You will draw for your Points of Interest Packet and start position. Then you will be given an empty envelope to seal your driver's licenses in during the scavenger hunt.  These sealed driver’s license envelopes may only be opened in the presence of our fine patrol officers (i.e., the police) or after you have checked in at the finish line at the completion of your scavenger hunt. 
Your Points of Interest Packet will have 12 Scavenger clue envelopes; each envelope will be numbered from one to twelve and will be opened in that order.  You will complete or finish each clue with odo reading and photo opp before opening the next envelope.   When you begin your scavenger hunt, you will zero your odo and open the first envelope.  You will leave the site headed to your first clue destination.  Once you arrive at the clue destination, you will:

1. Write the odo on the clue envelope, 
2. write down where you are, and 
3. take a digital photo of at least one of you with the clue destination also shown in the photo.

Now you may open the next Point of Interest envelope and begin the process all over again.
Here is the kicker – with all the gadgets you might be allowed to use - YOU MAY ONLY TRAVEL ON SECONDARY STREETS.  NO Interstates, NO freeway, NO major highway.  If you feel you must cross the river, you may do so only on the Broadway bridge or the Main Street bridge.
Following the Scavenger Hunt, we are meeting at 4:00 (ish) at BJ’s Brewhouse, at McCain Mall (3951 McCain Blvd) for an early dinner, a cold brew and prize award presentation.  JR and I will hang out at War Memorial Stadium until 3:45pm for those that want to join us to caravan over to the brewhouse.  If you can’t make the hunt, join Debbie and JR for the Watch party (from 1:00 pm until 3:45pm or anytime between) at the east side of War Memorial, or join the celebration at about 4:00pm at the Brewhouse !